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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Monde Arab ....A Qui le Tour ?????

Wind of Change.... Coming to .. the Arab World..

A wind of change is gusting through the Arab world from its west....
Usually; Change came from the east in The Arab World...But rules are changing now …
But what happened in Tunisia shocked all the elite and the so called intellectual people.
Tunisia showed us that the power of the mass can topples and cripples any dictatorship
The wind of change is blowing through the Arab world, and the growth of national consciousness is a political fact.
After years of the singles regimes in power in the entire Arab world a wind of change has blown across it just strong enough to push some to wonder what is next a storm wind that will ring the freedom bell for peace of mind
Call it Revolution call it Call it whatever but it is shocking beginning today was Tunisia. Tomorrow is???? Who will be next …? “LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!" Revolution of the masses …Masses that been for decades without opportunities and disadvantaged.
Wind of change stirs in Arab world as their so called leader's iron grip weakens Revolution represents a new kind of political change

Congratulations for all Tunisians and their courage!
The tyrant has gone.
The masses prevail and Tunisians find a way to organize a peaceful and democratic country and be an example for the whole Arab world.
Tunisians bear now the responsibility to show to the world that Arab countries can achieve freedom and democracy.
I have a small piece of advice for the new ruler: to dedicate the main square to the guy who set himself ablaze and triggered the protests. I also propose a new holiday for 14 January be the day of democracy.
I can only congratulate Tunisian people for being able to bring down a dictator that with his family and few friends looted the Country

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Morocco has '50bn barrels of oil shale

Morocco has '50bn barrels of oil shale', says government
Enfit assessing oil-shale resources
THERE COULD be 50bn barrels of oil shale across three basins in Morocco, says the Office of National Hydrocarbons and Mines. The government department says there could also be potential for shale-gas development. The government says oil-shale deposits have been identified in 10 areas. The two areas to have been evaluated in most depth are Tangier and Timahdit.
Enefit, an Estonian firm that is already operating a pilot shale-oil project in Jordan, signed an memorandum of understanding with Morroco in April 2010 covering exploration of the country's oil-shale resources.
Oil shale is extracted from sedimentary rock, which contains kerogen – a mixture of organic chemical compounds – by mining and needs more processing than conventional oil, increasing ...

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sunny Morocco

A visit to sunny Morocco should allow you to explore many of the interesting places including places such as Asilah, Casablanca, Essaouira, Fez, Imlil Gorges, Marrakesh, Meknes, Quarzazate, Rabat, Tangier, Tetouan and Zagora.

When in Marrakesh be sure to check out the Agdal Orchard, Badii Palace, Jebel Toubkal, Imlil, Bahia Palace, Dar Si Said Museum, Koranic School, Koutoubia, Djemaa el-Fna Square, and the Majorelle Museum. There are also many souks worth visiting and in the surroundings you can visit places such as Aghmat, Dar Caid Ouriki and High Atlas Mountains as well as Oukaimeden, Ouzoud Falls...

And, there is also Tangier that is sometimes referred to as the Gateway to Morocco and which is the summer capital of the country. The best places to visit in Tangier include Cape Spartel, Grand Mosque, Grand Socco, Forbes Museum of Military Miniatures, Church of Immaculate Conception, Gran Teatro de Cervantes, Kasbah Museum, Petit Socco, Mendoubia Gardens, Musee d’Art Contemporain, Museum of Antiquities, Terrace of the Idle, United States Legation and in the surrounding areas there is Artistic Festivals to attend, and the Ethnographic Museum as well as the Archeological Museum in Larache.

Places that you can visit in Rabat include Chellah Necropolis, Hassan Tower Mausoleum and Mohamed V Mausoleum. Other attractions in Rabat include the Archeological Museum, Bab Rouah, Bour Regreq Dam, the excellent Consules Street, Costume Museum, Hassan II Avenue, Merinide Mosque, Museum of Moroccan Arts, Natural Science Museum and Oudaias Kasbah and Postal Museum, the Royal Clube Equestrian Riding School and the Royal Palace and also Sebbat Souk.

The Hassan Mausoleum holds the remains of King Mohamed V and this is situated close to the Hassan Tower, and this mausoleum is famous for being the place where Mohamed V returned from exile and where many thousands of Moroccans gave thanks to God for making their country free.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Amizmiz Project

The Amizmiz Project is a large mining property recently offered to Maya by Société d’Exploration Géologique des Métaux ("SEGM") for a participation in the de
velopment of its economic potential.

the Company entered into an option agreement with SEGM to earn a 60% interest in the Amizmiz gold and silver (Au-Ag) property. Maya intends to increase its interest to 70% in the property, by acquiring a further 10% interest from a private company (see press release March 31, 2009).

The Amizmiz gold property covers 80 square-kilometres, situated about 60 kilometres south of Marrakech, Morocco. Gold was discovered on the property in 1999.

Previous works on Amizmiz project have highlighted more than fifty gold and silver occurrences and four types of precious metals mineralization have been recognized by SEGM:
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Thursday, May 23, 2002

Today is a big a day i registered i am one of the first Moroccan to start blogging ...i hope i can continue doing this and gave exposure to our beloved country
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